Start Early

It helps to start early in the realm of physical fitness. Try to inculcate the habit of sticking to a well-defined exercise program from the school days. Teenage is the right time to hit the gymnasium to get one’s body into perfect shape. Once you have zeroed on this particular career path, focus on the areas that would help you achieve your long term objectives in this regard.

Is It the Right Career for Me ?

  This is an ideal job for people who always want to be literally on their toes. This profile demands a career long rigorous dedication both     from the body as well as from the psyche.

  You must be prepared to sweat it out day after day relentlessly in the gymnasium to help others get into shape themselves. Moreover, you must have that zing in you that motivates people achieve their fitness goals. Furthermore, you should have an open mind to absorb new innovations in this field and to apply them for the betterment of your career prospects.

Job Prospects

There is no dearth of employment opportunities for qualified fitness instructors. In fact, the fitness industry is undergoing a phase of boom owing to the massive upsurge of lifestyle related diseases in urban centres. Another factor that is boosting this industry is the increased level of awareness amongst common man with regards to physical fitness and wellness.

There are lots of opportunities for fitness trainers these days. If you want a smug government job then you can head for various government run institutions and sports bodies. There are ample positions for trainers in schools, colleges and universities. Fitness instructors who have earned a postgraduate degree or any other higher qualification can also apply for teaching jobs in different colleges and educational bodies.

In the private sector, the range of employment openings range from five star hotels to innumerable health resorts, spas, sports and fitness clubs. Alternatively, you can start your own gymnasium or a health club or work exclusively as a personal fitness trainer for some celebrity. The opportunities are simply unending.

Pay Packet

The pay packet of a fitness trainer depends on a number of factors. At the entry level, a professional may not get too much. However, with experience and time a fitness instructor can on an average get a monthly salary in the range of Rs 25000 to Rs 50,000. This may considerably go up depending upon the reputation of the centre, the locality in which the fitness club is located, the clientele, number of students.

Fitness trainers associated with celebrities, ones who are successfully running their own fitness clubs or those associated with multinational fitness chains can easily rake in lakhs of rupees every month for their services.

Demand and Supply

There is great demand for this profile in the job market and this upward trend is expected to continue in the near future. Both government as well as privately owned establishments are doing their best to meet the growing demand.

Market Watch

The fitness industry is here to stay and grow in leaps and bounds in the future looking at the present job market scenario.