Mr.Vinod Channa
India’s No.1 Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Vinod Channa is Mumbai based Personal Trainer, with over 16 years of experience helping individuals from all walks of life achieve their health and fitness goals. He is often called upon by popular celebrities, world class athletes and active business professionals. For his expertise in weight loss management, general fitness, functional strength training, corrective exercise, sports performance training, nutrition and body sculpting.

Driven and always looking for an edge, Vinod has dedicated his career to the research and development of superior training techniques and nutritional programs, designed to correct muscular imbalances, rehabilitate minor injuries, stimulate your fat burning metabolism, dramatically improve strength, power, core stability, balance, endurance, mental function and flexibility at an accelerated pace. His uniquely customized programs successfully produce long term behavioral, modifications, vastly improve physical appearance, overall health and quality of life.

Vinod has been called upon as a fitness consultant for a various movie productions, television shows, corporations, professional sports teams, national magazine publications. Vinod has also been responsible for organizing multiple youth fitness programs.

vinod channa


Be at the leading edge of the healthy revolution as you learn from expert, industry-connected faculty of the Fitness and Health Promotion program. Skills learned go far beyond the fundamentals of exercise to include anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanics, business administration and marketing, nutrition, injury management, special events planning and more.

Classroom theory combines with hands-on training and real-world experience for a comprehensive foundation that includes working with personal training clients and preparing for the opportunity to earn recognized certifications. You’ll get to put what you learn to use by participating in one of the annual special events organized and executed by students, which promotes healthy living. Your dedication to wellness and your desire to positively impact lives will propel your career in this interactive and life-affirming field.

Courses are under the guidelines of India’s No 1 Celebrity Fitness trainer Mr Vinod Channa and VC Fitness Academy.

Foreground Of Institute

  Day to day operations procedures from Club management
  Exposure to the latest trends
  Exposure to the Standard Operating Procedures of a Fitness Professional
  Special population exercise and programming details
  Lectures by India’s top fitness professionals
  Training through Audio and visual presentations
  Grooming and personality development
  Case studies and research programs
  Club Development and club Management Training
  Finance, Sales and Marketing
  Virtual training
  Limited seats


At every stage of life, people want to look and feel their best. Whether it’s a full-body workout to look great or a holistic prescription to feel great, fitness professionals unite the science of the human body with the art of motivation to support clients on their personal journeys to greatness.

This Academy is designed to train and prepare individuals as qualified fitness and health consultants working within the fitness and lifestyle industry. Candidates are equipped with the skills to accurately assess and monitor health and fitness levels to prepare safe and effective programs that meet client needs and interests. As fitness and health promotion professionals, graduates will provide services and programs to a variety of diverse populations within profit and non-profit sectors.

The program offers instruction in the areas of physiology, fitness assessment and exercise prescription, as well as health promotion and lifestyle counseling, nutrition, injury management, program planning, marketing, leadership, motivation and interpersonal skills. Students will also have the opportunity to gain valuable field experience during their on-campus internship and field placement within the fitness industry.

Mr. Vinod Channa
Mrs. Laxmi Stephen
Dr. Harsh Raval
Mr. Michel Bundela
Mr. Abhay Chawada
Dr. Hemika Deshmukh
Mrs. Saloni Agrawal
Ms. Suchi Patel
Mr. Jay Acharya
Mr. Bhavesh Rathod
Ms. Harshida Thakkar
Mr. Jignesh Panchal