Dr. Vishnubhai Patel

Director & Founder [MBBS]

Our founder director Dr. Vishnubhai Patel had been a practicing physician with a doctorate degree for over 20 years. During which he realized the root cause for most illnesses in his patients/people is a Sedentary Life style or lack of physical activity. This thought motivated him with a vision to open a fitness center for the physical and mental well being in today’s hectic stressful urban life. Thus the first Zeus Fitness Point came into existence in 2005 at Sattadhar. Since then Zeus Fitness Point has transformed the lives of millions of people towards a better physical wellbeing and continuous to strive for excellence in the fitness industry with two more centers at Drive in and Prahladnagar.

With his vast knowledge, experience and very young enthusiastic team his vision is to create awareness and promote health and wellness.

Harsh Raval484x645

Dr. Harsh Raval

General Manager [B. Physio]

Young and charming Dr.Harsh Raval, Graduated as a Physiotherapist, he holds clinical experience of 2 years. His experience includes working many Multi specialty hospitals

He also pursued intense training with Talwalkar better value fitness and started his career in fitness industry with Talwalkars. He is an accomplished professional and an Entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience in Zeus fitness point. He is actively involved in development of new technologies and plays a strategic development role towards the growth of the company.

Suchi Patel484x645

Suchi Patel

Operation Director [B.E]

Young, beautiful and very talented Ms.Suchi Patel, an Engineer with excellent administrative skills, is the backbone of Zeus fitness point. With excellent communication and organizational skills she supports operations by planning organizing and implementing administrative systems. She has more than 5 years of experience in this field and also undergone many training programs.