Harshvardhan Rathod

Nowadays the Important part of our life is being healthy physically and mentally. For that we need to go through balance of proper nutritional diet and workout. Last few years, I ate whatever was most convenient and never thought about healthy food nutrition.

My weight was 63 kg and it shot up to 78 kg. Almost 15 kg of unhealthy and unwanted fat I gained. Due to unhealthy eating habits and erratic schedule, I started suffering from chronic hyper acidity, Heartburn, Insomnia and other gastric problems.

Well it made me join Zeus fitness point as I was determined to make myself physically and mentally fit and healthy. Well my journey of almost 10 months with Zeus fitness point gave me great results as you can see the difference.

After joining here the dietitian gave me a planned diet and she emphasized more on the life style modification. I followed thoroughly and that helped me lose 13 kg in 10 months. This has not only resulted in weight loss but also helped me achieve my ideal body weight. It makes me feel fit and more energetic throughout the day and I have got over my health issues.

All of this thanks to the Dietitian and Zeus fitness point for keeping me motivated me and pushing me towards my goal.