Somesh Rathod

Dear gym members
I have being going to various gyms for quite some time now, but I was never so regular and I always felt that some thing was missing which I never came to know but my experience with ZEUS FITNESS POINT is quite extra ordinary.
As I started with ZEUS FITNESS POINT, not only I became regular but now I am in love with the gym, I am so regular now that if I am not able to go for a single dayI feel myself very unlucky or incomplete.

Also let me share with you people that after joining ZEUS FITNESS POINT, I did came to know about the right routines of workout and how diet and workout both are very essesntial for mainatianing the fitness level you desire.
I am really very thankful to all staff for teaching me right techniques and routines and creating this great atmospherefor gyming. I also appriciate the facilities provided by ZEUS FITNESS POINTwhich every gym did not.
I am very much sure that ZEUS FITNESS POINT will inspriemore and more people like me and keep on doing this great jobfor the society.
Thanks & Good Luck.