Tips to wean you away from using the handrails

  1. Slow Down the Treadmill to Walk Hands-Free
  • Start walking hands-free with the speed set lower than you are used to using.
  1. Focus on Your Posture
  • Now focus on posture.
  • Walk with your body upright and not leaning.
  • Raise yourself up from your hips, imagining a string is attached to the top of your head.
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles & tuck your butt muscles in.
  • Your chin should be parallel to the ground and eyes forward, not looking down.
  1. Go Hands-Free on the Treadmill Walking with Zero Incline
  • At first, get used to walking on the treadmill without using the handrails.
  • Once you are used to a steady walk without the rails, you can vary the pace with faster-slower intervals.
  1. Use the Right Amount of Treadmill Incline
  • Generally handrails are used while using a high treadmill incline, especially with higher speed.
  • It’s best to use the incline you can handle hands-free so you get the full benefit of it.
  1. Safety First
  • Use the handrails when getting onto and off of the treadmill and grip them at first when you start the tread moving. If at any time you feel unstable, use the handrails briefly until you feel steady.
  • Always use the safety cord that will stop the treadmill if you stumble or fall.
  • A light touch on the handrails will be sufficient to help you maintain your balance.